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The International Friendship Program encourages the exchange of culture and friendship between Americans and international students.

Statistics show that most international students who come to study in the U.S. never have the opportunity to enter an American home. They spend their time here studying and often their only social outlet is in spending time with other students from their own country, never having the opportunity to truly enjoy the “American experience.”

That’s why the International Friendship Program would like to invite you to join us in breaking down walls, building relationships between Americans and international students. Whether you’re a new student coming from another land, or an American family wanting to share love and learn more about other cultures, IFP can make it possible to bring these two together.

The goal of IFP is to help change the world through relationships. We ask that students and their American partners make a commitment to get together at least once every 4 to 6 weeks. Imagine how the world could be impacted if people would take the time to understand others who are different from themselves. If you are new to this country and looking for a “home away from home,” IFP can help make this happen. For international students, joining with IFP can help you greatly as you acclimate to a new culture. If you’re an American interested in being a partner for a student, you have an amazing opportunity to greatly impact a student’s life, as well as to learn new things from across the world.

Our hope is that through IFP, university students will have the best possible experience during their time in the USA and experience true community and love while they are here with us. For American partners, this is an incredible chance to make a difference globally from right where you are! All you need is a willingness to love and serve these students coming to us from the nations of the world.

Whether you are an international student far from home, or an American partner from Dallas, IFP provides an opportunity to open up your world and make room for life changing friendships!

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