About the Anderson Home Group

This group meets in the Anderson home. It is a culturally diverse group with students coming from 14 different countries, representing many religious backgrounds and degree levels.

We meet most Fridays to make new friends, enjoy each other’s company, share American and ethnic food, sing songs and discuss the latest news with friends. Everyone feels like they are at home and in an accepting environment. Being a part of our group means you are family.

Our group provides a great opportunity to practice conversational English, meet Americans, learn American culture, taste American food and celebrate American holidays. It also provides everyone the opportunity to learn about other students’ cultures.

Each semester we try to discuss something different about who Jesus is and what he said and did. We encourage each other to apply what we learned and to tell our friends. We all come as learners to our group. No one needs to be an expert. The expert is one who listens best.

Discussions are based around six very straightforward questions such as:

  • What did you like or not like?
  • What did you not understand?
  • What did you learn about Jesus?
  • What did we learn about ourselves?
  • What did we learn about how to live?
  • What do we want to tell others.

Students are the facilitators of the discussions. They easily catch on to how a discussion operates and are able to both facilitate and participate in each discussion. Each participant first listens to others read, then reads a part of the subject and finally answers one question at a time, along with others. When the semester is finished, each student has learned something about Jesus, facilitated a discussion, had a chance to tell someone else and learned how to hold a discussion on his own.

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Transportation to the Anderson Home Group

If you need transportation to the Anderson Home Group, please call or text 214-762-3186 or send an email to and we will schedule someone to get you. Afterward, we will arrange transportation back to your apartment.

This semester, our pickup points are at the Visitor Center and McCallum Blvd car wash.

To see a short video about our group click here.