What is an ICF Home Group?

What is an ICF Group?

The International Christian Fellowship at UTD offers memberships in several different kinds of small groups. These small groups consist of 5-15 students that meet in the homes of American families, office buldings or differnet campus locations. Small groups offer internationals an opportunity to experience American culture first-hand by building relationships and interacting with Americans and other students from around the world.

Absorbing American culture is probably one of the most important aspects of getting an advanced degree at UTD. Relating to others in a social setting will sharpen your English skills and allow Americans to get to know you, study the Bible, and share their lives and customs. Relating to others in English and clearly understanding concepts and goals is a skill that must be polished and practiced.

The small group can also act as a home-away-from-home for international students. Living in a new country can lead to sadness and isolation, and being in a home group or small group can be a life changing experience. Sign up for an ICF small group today and get full information from the groups that are available for enrollment by enrolling online.

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